Advanced Care Planning Cornerstones: An Overview

This user-friendly overview clarifies the nature of advance care planning and the advance health care directive. It gives guidance for choosing a health care agent and other tips for doing advance care planning. Special emphasis on being prepared, staying in control and exercising your right to live your life, your way – now, with serious illness including mental illness and at the end of life. Advanced Care Planning Cornerstones ... Read More

Helpful Video Clips

As part of the clinicians and peer support workers training, we created an annotated listing of YouTube and other web videos that are helpful for people wanting to learn more about advance care planning, palliative care, psychiatric advance directives, having difficult conversations and other such topics. This Video Resources Paper with hotlinks to these web-based resources can be downloaded here. Video Resources ... Read More

Role Plays: Entering into the conversation

For the Peer Pilot Training, the Community Network and Peer Pilot Advisory Group created role plays to help peers learn how to enter into difficult conversations about planning for serious illness and the ending of life. These are helpful for peer support workers, clinicians and other caregivers working with people with serious mental health challenges. Click here to view/download Role Plays ... Read More

Thinking Ahead 2: My Way, My Choice, My Plan

This title is no longer in use. It was the working title for Making A Plan – Thinking Ahead and used while we worked to adapt the original Thinking Ahead publication for Behavioral Health purposes to include advance care planning for serious illness. The original Thinking Ahead – My Way, My Choice, My Life at the End was created in 2007 by the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California and partners including the California Department of Developmental Services and focus groups from three CA ... Read More