Soledad: una guía para los que han enviudado recientemente.

[On Being Alone: A Guide for the Newly Widowed]

Provides a comprehensive guide for recently widowed men and women, including the experiences of other widows and widowers. Excellent discussion about life alone. Also includes a bibliography and list of other resources.

The AARP Grief and Loss Program offers many different resources in Spanish. AARP, 601 E St. NW, Washington, DC 20049.

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Sutter Care at Home

Formerly Sutter VNA & Hospice and before that Home Hospice of Sonoma County & the oldest hospice in Sonoma County. Sutter Care at Home extends the continuum of health care from hospitals and doctors' offices directly into patients' homes, where they receive medical attention, education, and compassionate care needed to recover or live with illness to the fullest extent possible. There focus is to keep families together during a stressful time, and we care for the whole family with social services ... Read More