Advance Directives

Medic Alert Bracelet

MedicAlert® is the leading personal health record repository for medical information with its famous Medic Alert bracelet and medical id alert necklaces recognized worldwide. Medic Alert bracelets and necklaces are used to inform emergency responders about medications, do not resuscitate orders and other information important if you are unable to speak for yourself. Visit Medic

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Mental Health Supportive Care Plan

No matter what our health problems may be, it is important that we are all recognized and respected as being the best source of information about ourselves and what is important to us. If you are unable to make decisions or communicate for yourself when facing mental health challenges, the Mental Health Supportive Care Plan

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PREPARE for your care

This site operated by the PREPARE Team was founded by Rebecca Sudore, MD, FAAHPM, Professor of Medicine, Geriatrics Division, University of California, San Francisco, PREPARE Director. In addition to simple language Advance Health Care Directives in many languages and user friendly video guidance, the site also includes a new section called Be PREPARED: Take Control

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