Midwest Bioethics Center/Center for Practical Bioethics

The Center for Practical Bioethics, formerly known as the Midwest Bioethics Center, has a 20 year history of raising and responding to ethical issues in health and healthcare and works specifically in the following areas. Researchers looking for Midwest Bioethics Center publications should contact the Center for Practical Bioethics.

Clinical and Organizational Ethics: solving moral problems by educating and empowering healthcare professionals and their institutions, advocating for patients’ rights, training ethics committees, and supporting change though ethics education and leadership.

Aging and End of Life Care: including new ways to approach advance care directives, appointing a durable power of attorney for healthcare, understanding pain management, and helping you and your family and community meet the psychological and spiritual needs of your loved ones at home, in the hospital, or long-term care facilities.

Life Science and Research Ethics: addressing critical issues in the life sciences and technology by providing support and strategic counsel to the academic, clinical, and commercial research communities.

Disparities in Health and Healthcare: Raising awareness and advocating on behalf of minority and marginalized populations who suffer poorer health and receive less and worse healthcare than better off citizens. The Center seeks to understand and eliminate not only the barriers to equitable treatment that people of color and low income experience, but also the health disparities that assail individuals in these communities.

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