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Making a Plan Peer Center Orientations

These orientations were presented to West County Community Services (WCCS) participating Peer Centers in Spring 2022, preceding the launch of the MAP Program within those peer centers.

1. All Staff Orientation: Empowering Peers – Care Wishes Known & Honored
General Orientation for All Staff about advance care planning with mental health in mind. What are our rights, why does it matter, what’s needed to make it work, roots and overview of Making A Plan Thinking Ahead Toolkit, integrating into peer center services, and opportunities to participate are discussed. Recording excludes class discussion.

YouTube video link (20 minutes)

2. Peer Centers Members Orientation
General orientation about the importance of advance care planning, nature of the MAP Toolkit, and how to do MAP with help from Peer Center staff. This presentation was done for the Interlink Self-Help Center and the Wellness and Advocacy Center in April, 2022. Recording excludes class discussion.

YouTube video link (20 minutes)

Making a Plan Facilitators (MAPF) Training Program

The MAPF Training Program Detail with course objectives and agenda can be accessed in the Training Handout/Reference Materials section below.

Below you will find links to three classes comprising this training produced by the Community Network in Spring, 2022 for West County Community Services Peer Programs staff (Interlink Self-Help Center and Wellness & Advocacy Center). This training helps Peer Support Specialists (PSS) become proficient in assisting people with behavioral health challenges to make an advance care plan with a focus on mental health care needs and choices, and having wishes known and honored.

With each Class listed here you will find a description of the class along with a link to a YouTube video of the training. Please note: video recordings do not include class discussion.

Handouts for the Training are in the section below the Classes titled Training Reference Materials.

Class One: Orientation to Advance Care Planning with Mental Health in Mind (1.5 hours)

Orientation to Advance Care Planning with Mental Health in Mind. Introduction to the MAP Program, essential elements for advance care planning, review of MAP Toolkit including walk through of MAP Workbook, Advance Directive, Personal Request Form and Mental Health Supportive Care Plan – all designed to assist people with mental health challenges complete advance care plans to help guide care when unable to speak for themselves in times of crisis.

YouTube video link (65 minutes)

Class Two: Exploring Need and Potential (1.5 hours)

This class explores the MAP Facilitators Role: what’s required, what’s the role, what are the challenges and opportunities. Role plays are included to help explore how to engage peer center member and how best to draw them in.

YouTube video link (35 minutes)

Class Three: MAP Facilitators Guidance and Logistics (2 hours)
Building on existing PSS skills and inroads; Logistics for Peer Center role out of MAP Program; Working as a MAP Facilitator – strategies for holding the MAP focus, establishing and maintaining boundaries; Completing and distributing documents; Work flow considerations; Triggering issues, support & assistance.

YouTube video link (56 minutes)


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