MAP Orientations & Resources

This section has videos for Peer Community Orientations to Advance Care Planning with Mental Health in Mind. In addition to videos for 5 minute, 15 minute and 1 hour orientations, PowerPoints are included along with adaptations for Peer Family/Friends versions. This section also includes Trusted Helper Guidelines, an Advance Care Planning Facilitator’s Job Description and annotated links to other related trainings and more.

Peer Orientation Videos

Using the links below, those PowerPoint programs can be viewed and downloaded as videos, PowerPoint slides or as PDF versions with speaker notes.

This 5 minute Illustrated Advance Care Planning Briefing narrated by Carol West, Peer Support Specialist, looks at the component parts of doing advance care planning and how it works and invites viewers to learn more.

Advance Care Planning Briefing (5 min video)
Peer ACP Orientation 5 min (Powerpoint)
Notes Version-Peer ACP Orient 5 min (pdf)

This 15 minute Advance Care Planning Orientation with mental health in mind to encourage you to learn more and take steps needed to help make your personal treatment wishes known and honored in a crisis when you are unable to guide your own care. Or should that be the case for someone for whom you care. Included is a review of legal rights.

Advance Care Planning Orientation (15 min video)
Peer ACP Orientation 15 min (Powerpoint)
Notes Version-Peer ACP Orient 15 min (pdf)

This one hour presentation is an in depth Review of the Making A Plan Thinking Ahead Toolkit. We encourage use personally, with people served, family members, clinicians, and agencies interested to get this working for those in need. The purpose of this review is to help you become more comfortable doing advance care planning with mental health in mind for yourself or someone you care for who could benefit from doing this for them self.

Engaging the Peer Community (60 min video)
Peer ACP Orientation 60 min (Powerpoint)
Notes Version-Peer ACP Orient 60 min (pdf)

The Peer Orientation programs have been adapted for use with Peer Family Members.

Trauma Informed Care: Shifting Behavioral Health System Culture and Structure. This one hour presentation was done for the Mental Health Board of Sonoma County Behavioral Health Division (BHD) by Wendy Wheelwright, MFT, BHD Quality Improvement and a panel of peer experts weighing in on what helps and what hurts in providing trauma informed services. It provides amazing insight and how to for the Trauma Informed Care model critical for transforming behavioral health care and quality of life for those served by systems of care. An in depth heartfelt excellent program important for all seeking services or working in the behavioral health field.

Please Note: This You Tube posting of TIC presentation begins at minute 27:42 and concludes at 1 hour 36 minute mark as it is embedded within recording of the 2/16/21 Sonoma County Mental Health Board meeting.

Link to YouTube video

Trusted Helper Guidelines (pdf): People using the MAP Toolkit are encouraged to choose someone they trust (Trusted Helper) to help with completion of the workbook and forms. These guidelines aim to assist anyone chosen to serve as a Trusted Helper (TH) for someone they know living with mental health challenges. A TH is trusted by the individual doing advance care planning (Individual) to help orient, guide and assist the Individual completing the Making A Plan Toolkit. Individual refers to the person assisted by the Trusted Helper no matter the relationship. Guidelines address: qualifications, best practices, work flow, helpful handouts and training. A sample job description is included for the Trusted Helper.

Peer Support Specialist (PSS) – Advance Care Planning Facilitator (ACPF) Job Description (pdf): This job description is for peers completing the PSS ACPF’s Training which is a 10 hour, 5 class training produced by the Community Network Journey Project and PSS associates. It outlines responsibilities for the host organization, pre-requisites, on the job training requirements and specific tasks that the PSS ACP Facilitator will perform serving in this role.

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