Mental Health Supportive Care Plan

No matter what our health problems may be, it is important that we are all recognized and respected as being the best source of information about ourselves and what is important to us. If you are unable to make decisions or communicate for yourself when facing mental health challenges, the Mental Health Supportive Care Plan (MHSCP) could help guide people you trust, your designated Health Care Agent and health professionals when providing needed care and support. It can help you direct them to make every effort to honor your wishes assisting you to get the best possible care and support based on your values and preferences.

There are two version of the plan that are nearly identical except for sections 3 – 6. The Checklist Version has a checklist in this section. The Open Ended Questions Version has open ended questions in sections 3 -6 and gives the checklist at the end as an attachment. Please Note: To help make your Mental Health Supportive Care Plan effective, it is best that you do this as a part of your Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD).