Welcome to CaringCommunity.org—an online resource
for people thinking about, planning for or living with serious illness and end-of-life issues.

This site was developed in 2004 and maintained thru summer 2022 by the Community Network for Appropriate Technologies (CNAT). In September 2022 the Community Network Board elected to wind down and dissolve CNAT, a nonprofit corporation. Simultaneously, the Sonoma County Conservation Council (SCCC), CNAT’s website host for many years, assumed responsibility for continuing to host the CaringCommunity.org website, given its importance to the community. Susan Keller now manages website content as a SCCC volunteer.

Donations in support of this site should be made to the Sonoma County Conservation Council (memo: CaringCommunity.org) using the Donate page on this site. SCCC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit corporation and donations are tax-deductible.

The “Making A Plan & Thinking Ahead” Workbook, Forms, Videos and Trainings may be accessed on this site along with other resources helpful for people living with mental health challenges and others. Please note the Making A Plan Toolkit is now available in electronic fillable forms.